DApp MVP Preview

Hello Folks, below, you’ll find an image slider with some early viewing of our DApp MVP which is nearing release!

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A little disclaimer, anywhere in the UI you see a reference to figures that could be assumed to be coming pricing/utility cost or token economics should be dismissed. The numbers are purely hypothetical and are not intended whatsoever to allude to the actual figures we’ll leverage from launch through maturity.

As you can see, we have and are completely revolutionizing the auction/bid mechanism used by individuals, companies, public entities and any others. They’ll be able to leverage our framework to make their auctions/contracts smart.

It just take a little of our utility to power it, not any contract, not any % of your business conducted. This non-custodial architecture runs client side and publishes to the public Stellar distributed ledger (blockchain), so you’re in full control and custody is 100% yours in the creation and publishing.

We’re one of the absolutely true and viable use cases where blockchain can do what other technical architectures can not, such an exciting opportunity for sellers AND buyers alike! Subscribe to our release news and also find us on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Telegram.