Peer-to-Peer Smart Auction

Quick: What’s a smart contract published to Stellar blockchain, that has viewing and participation conditions that can be satisfied via off-chain data called?

: )

It’s called a Auction! You (Auction house) and You too (Individual Seller) can leverage the power of our framework for what is the equivalent of just a few Stellar Lumens (XLM), and do so in a matter of a few clicks and text inputs [roughly 30 seconds of time].

The Next Level of Auctioning — Intentional Leak

Imagine, a trustless (no need to trust anyone) auction, where art, shoes, fine Wine, antiquities, government &/or union contracts, jewelry and more can all be made available PUBLICLY and GLOBALLY, for any [watch this] QUALIFIED YET ANONYMOUS BIDDER to participate in, IF, they have satisfied the participation conditions (you) the seller/contract holder has pre-set.

Seller too, can bring more credibility up-front for their auction/item, by using our blockchain-oracles technological architecture to prove and verify their item/contract so potential bidders have more confidence to attempt to participate.

We’re less than a month from publishing so we’ll leave a little mystery, however, know that we’re committed to decentralize the hosting, security, screening, qualifying, logistics and bid-handling activity. Stay tuned, and cheers!

Finally, we want to throw a congratulations to the team, our CTO has been a voluntary ambassador of Stellar since early 2017, and his bullish advocacy has clearly not been misplaced! Really impressive what’s been happening around the world and in-house at Stellar, and we’re happy and proud to be placing ourselves as part of such an amazing organization!

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