The Environmental Value of The 2nd Hand Marketplace

We thought it important to share and “expound briefly” (yes…. a slight oxymoron) on one of the core reasons for our decision to bring’s intended DApp to reality; the environment.

Of course, there is the perceived and technical value(s) of blockchain and crypto, and of course the potential to generate wealth, but, with age comes the reality of your own end.

In self-reflecting and being self-honest, we’ve aligned in the regard that we a.) want to take our last breath with some experiential knowing that we did more than just consume, even through earning; then b.) we actually want to stop feeling “weird” about the environment and do something (or NOT do something ; ) that would have a degree of altruism and eco-respect as an attribute of our “doings”, personally and professionally.

Doing some amateur research, we quickly can see, that arguably the BIGGEST impact you can have on being a “non-polluting”, “sensibly consuming” benefit to yourself, your grand children and the Earth we all do and will live upon, is buying something that someone else already owned, that is still useful, instead of buying new.

Just fashion alone, has devastating impacts just in stage one, the agricultural impact with pesticides and such are immense. From here, you have truck, boat and rail burning fuels and each consuming via wear-and-tear it’s own set’s of consumable parts. Now to the factory, the tanneries, the dye shops, the bleaching, the energy consumptions, and now more raw or non-biodegradable packaging, more logistics and more energy consumption for store shelves and billboards. Without getting carried away (and we didn’t), it’s easy to see how just ONE decision to NOT buy new, could also NOT start or support that entire destructive chain of events.

We’re not against manufacturing, there is a wild amount of eco-friendly solutions coming to reality now, because now we are collectively agreeing we need to amend, modify and upgrade our thinking and our behavior.

Per “Fashion United“, over $300bn in 2017, was the world wide 2nd hand market size/revenue just for clothing; what about cars, furniture, art, electronics, sports, commercial equipment, etc.; meaning there is plenty of fortune and wealth, plenty of opportunity for capitalism and consumerism in the 2nd hand markets of the world.

So, if you can find a way to a.) innovate to make this market more accessible and efficient from a non-custodial position; and b.) re-polarize thinking to desire “pre-owned” instead of “new”, or at least do decelerate the pace at which “new” is being sought, you can have the biggest of all impacts possible on ecological harmony with our Earth.

This is NOT a piece about “Global Warming”, let each individual choose their own perspective there, we’re simply talking about resource consumption, pollution, waste-management, contaminating of ecosystems, these are ALL negated with a strong 2nd hand market demand.

So it is with this goal in mind that we confidently and excitedly made the firm decision to champion auctioning on the blockchain, yes to generate wealth, but also, yes, to help our Earth, to help our Oceans, and ALL citizens, human to plant who shall thrive upon it.